Install Age Calculator App

Install the age calculator app on your device like iPhone, Android, or Windows computer, laptop, or tablet.

Here you can follow some simple steps to install calculator app and this app doesn’t require any permission.

For Android or iOS phone / Tablet

  1. Open on a browser (Chrome preferred).
  2. Click on 3 dots, and see below on the screen. And click on install button.

Note – On Incognito or private tab, the option of Add to Home screen may not visible.

After Installation, like an Android or iOS app, it will install to your phone. This app will not ask any permission but may store some data to work well which you may remove manually (not recommended).

For Computer/Laptop.

For computer or laptop, simply open on Chrome or Edge browser. After opened the website, the install option of an app will show on address bar. It may work on both Windows and MAC. See below the reference Image.

Install Tell Me My Age App on desktop
Install Tell Me My Age App on desktop

After installation, you can use this website as an application which would be free. No money require to pay.

Get our age calculator app.